So, being from Upstate New York and having lived in Minneapolis for close to 10 years, I thought for sure I had this “winter thing” down! I mean come on, how hard could it be to survive a Berlin winter? The average temperature is only around 30 degrees and it doesn’t generally snow very much, easy peasy! Right?

Winter from the couch, at least I have good coffee!

Everyone tried to warn me. “It’s not the cold, it’s the dark grey days!” they said.  PAH! I mean come on, the sun MUST shine, right? They are just remembering the worst parts, no one remembers the good days, I thought to myself. Come on, even in Minneapolis, where the cold is below zero too many days to count, the sun shines!


But it IS the dark! There are days and days and days on end with no sunshine. It wasn’t particularly cold, and I think the snow only accumulated over night once, but oh the dark grey days! I even have an apartment with floor to ceiling windows and no curtains… so I get as much light inside as anyone could and yet…

I couldn’t get off the couch! 

…and I hardly even noticed. It wasn’t until the sun started shining, the weather warmed up, and I started venturing out again, that I even realized that I hadn’t moved much for the WEEKS before. [Facepalm!] I was safely ensconced on the couch with my blanket, laptop on my lap to get work done, and Hulu on the TV- binge “watching” nonsense programs that I didn’t have to pay attention to, but could be background noise and give me the illusion that I was out and about with people around me.

I ordered delivery, ate comfort food, stayed in my pajamas for days in a row, and drank too much wine. Winter kicked my ass!

Winter- 1, Lala- 0

Maybe I had been too cocky? Even though it was my first winter in more than three years, and my skin was already loosing the beautiful sun kissed glow I had come to relate with my travels, I thought my winter weather upbringing would be enough to safe guard me from the perils of the Berlin winter. I was wrong.

Spring from the balcony is much better! But still with the coffee…

I am so happy that the past few weeks have brought with them beautiful sunny days and much warmer weather. In fact, we are enjoying early summer like days, which are sure not to last until actual summer comes, but cause the trees to flower and the people to venture outside again to sit in the park and re-join life.


I know the sunshine has brought me back to life, back to moving again, back to the cafes and coffee shops, and walking just because I can. I will never underestimate how much I need the sun, after three years chasing summer, it is an essential part of who I am now. I will also, never underestimate a Berlin winter again. Hmm maybe I just won’t experience one again… I guess we will see!

But for now, the sun is shining, I admit defeat, but I am living to fight another day!

Do you get the winter blahs?