OK- so my lifestyle requires a certain amount of control. I need to know what country I am in, what the visa requirements are, how long do I plan to stay,  how to dress appropriately for the culture, where is the best and safest place to live… but it also requires a lot of “letting go.”

Flight delays, weird tours, odd ball people, cultural differences, transportation issues, cleanliness “concerns”… all of these things require that I put aside some of the good ole American control freak-ness and allow things to just flow the way they flow.

I am actually pretty good at that. 🙂 Living in Costa Rica for almost two years helped prepare me. In a land where “Mañana” is the operative word (tomorrow- but not “tomorrow” just well … later!) you learn to just let things happen when they are going to happen….

But this story is a little bit different… this is about personal control. Letting myself be “free” and uninhibited… OOH now THAT is totally different.

Sweaty happiness after Ecstatic Dancing Sweaty happiness after Ecstatic Dancing

We are here in Bali- Ubud Bali is known for it’s yoga and super spiritual vibes. We are NOT in Ubud (weekend trip coming up in a few days…) but even in Canggu the vibe- despite the hipster cool- give you the feeling that yoga is a “thing” here.

So one of the gals I am traveling with said she wanted to go to this Ecstatic Dance class at The Practice and she invited us all to join her. OK! Why not!? I am almost always up for new experiences.

What is Ecstatic Dance? Good Question!! I found this definition on the webernet…

What IS Ecstatic Dance?

“Ecstatic dance in its most basic definition is free-form movement where we allow our bodies to express without an agenda or concern for aesthetics. It’s a moving meditation practice that merges inner with outer worlds. It encourages and celebrates connection between body and spirit, letting both be your teachers.

Ecstatic dance happens in an environment free from judgment and conversation where you can feel safe and supported to get out of your head, try new things and really push your envelope if you so choose. You are invited to dance solo, with the floor, with the walls with others and with the molecules in the room. Be silly, playful or dramatic. Stay true to yourself but don’t get in your own way!”

Stay true to yourself but don’t get in your own way!?

Uhm right… see there is THAT?? Dance? No drinking? Meditative dance? Try new things? Push the envelope? Uhm…. ok? I actually really enjoy dancing, so F*** it. Why not?

It was fun! 1.5 hours of dancing. Oh yes, there were plenty of the “fruit and nut crowd” there… the “hooobie joobies”… I watched one gal really work her way up to some kind of “state” (not convinced it was spiritual though…) and there was some oddly sensual couple but not couple dancing… but overall… we just danced.

The music rocked… the DJ was SOOOO HOT! (Seriously we were looking out for him on Tinder after that!) But wait- we weren’t supposed to care abut all that… we’re supposed to close our eyes and have this “experience.”

Shockingly… the more we danced, (1.5 hours is a LONG time to dance non-stop and LORD were we sweaty!!) …if I closed my eyes… I definitely could feel myself going more into myself, (I could LET myself give up that control and just flow…) and just not caring if sexy yoga dancer next to me could see me or not… I closed my eyes, put my arms up and just danced my sweaty butt off… FUN!

My legs and core had an awesome workout… It definitely didn’t hurt that we took ourselves off to the beach club immediately following- so the pool bar and a few hours on the beach helped us to rest afterwards… not a bad day overall!

AND…. (drum roll) we are going to book another Ecstatic Dance Class in Ubud which is the Hobbie Joobie capital of Southeast Asia- Indonesia… Sooooo… should be interesting…

The magichappens when you decide it’s ok to step out of your own way a little and just dance!


(PS the legs with the tan skirt… yeah mine!!!)

Have you ever done Ecstatic Dance? Or just done something that was a little out of your comfort zone- but found it wasn’t so bad after all?