Yep- Sardines! For being on the road only a little over a month- I have already encountered various types of Sardines!

In Portugal- They really know how to do their sardines!

Grilled Sardines in Lisbon

Grilled Sardines in Lisbon- Smothered in Olive Oil and Coated in Salt

Sardine Meal

Sardine Meal in Lisbon

Eating Sardines in Lisbon was a treat! Eating Sardines in Croatia on the other hand….

Eating “Sardines” in Croatia was really eating Anchovies! 

My friend Colin agreed to taste test with me- I went to the market for some lunch and added a small container of “sardines” and brought them back to the co-working space to try with lunch.

Sardine lunch in Zadar

Sardine lunch in Zadar

Colin after his first bite of the "Sardine!"

Colin after his first bite of the “Sardine!”

I have to admit- I chickened out and couldn’t eat the head- I put it all in my mouth- then bit it in “the middle” and put the head part back on the package.. and I didn’t eat the tail fins either! But Colin was a trooper and he ate the whole thing!


1- SUPER salty (Have water or soda on hand!)

2- Crunchy in a weird way!

3- No need to eat more than one!


So there ya go… Sardines in two different countries!

Have you ever eaten Sardines or Anchovies? (I used to be the only one who would eat Anchovies on Pizza with my Auntie Susan!)