Being in Europe (or the EU- or places with serious European influence) made me a happy eater! I love being able to nosh on charcuterie and drink some nice wine. I was in LOVE with eating in Portugal (pics and post later!) and Madrid…so much so that it was hard to leave. I was very curious what kind of food we would encounter in Zadar.


Quick grocery run- all of this- including the wine- about $24 USD. Paprika is the unique flavor there!

The food in Zadar, Croatia was good, not amazing. There was a surprising amount of pizza available (not that surprising if you actually consider they were under Italian rule for many many years of their history.) They also love their gelato and it is very beautifully dressed in the windows.




Every window had these amazing displays of the gelato!

There wasn’t any food that I felt was super traditional and something I HAD to try while I was there- but we did enjoy charcuterie and some nice Croatian wines!! (YAY YAY!)


My Fav!! Enjoyed with my friends!


Erika is one of my world traveling buddies!

One day on the island of Ugljan I had this AMAZING Smoked Salmon and raw onion salad… seriously delicious! An ice-cold lemon beer was the perfect accompaniment after a long hot bike ride along the coast!


Biking on the coast of Ugljan!


Smoked Salmon! AMAZING!


Local Croatian Beer

(We even had the most awesome conversation with our waiter- he was a young muslim man and was asking us about our beliefs, our country- (He is convinced everyone in LA and NYC is a rapper!) and how we liked Croatia so far. Super nice kid and made our lunch even more enjoyable!)


He kept us chatting long after the food was gone with a nice espresso and a cherry cordial- on the house!

So- there ya go! Nothing super special- but a few delicious meals- and hey- as long as I have meat, cheese, olives and wine… I can make it work!


Sea bass was a fish that was pretty popular there-this is sea bass with shrimp in tomato sauce and polenta. Gorgeous old building with tables in the inner courtyard.

Have you ever been to Croatia? What did you like to eat?

What about Europe? What’s your favorite food country?