What a great way to start a foodie-ish blog! Eating at the World’s Oldest Restaurant! (Guinness certified!) El Restaurante el Sobrino de Botin!


In front of the World’s Oldest Restaurant! Who would have ever thought!

I don’t remember when or where we saw a web article about this restaurant- but we just knew we had to make it a priority. We actually “sort of” looked for it when we were wandering around the first night- but it wasn’t until during the walking tour the first day we discovered where it was.


BFF-D in front of the restaurant!

We correctly deduced that eating there in the evening would be a bit of a difficult thing- reservations, crowds etc. And only being in Madrid for three days- we didn’t have time for all that rigmarole. So immediately following the tour we made our way over to the restaurant to see about lunch.


Front of the Menu

When we walked in the Maitre D asked us if we had a reservation, when we replied that we did not.. he threw up his hands in disgust and walked away, pointing to a spot on the floor,  while saying to us- “There! Wait there!” (Totally the image I have always had in my head of the imperious Spaniard! Dark haired, swarthy and full of himself! It was awesome!) He did almost immediately seat us, by the door, but hey! We were in!


Cutting Serrano Ham (All the restaurants have these ham legs sitting somewhere to cut the meat from!)

Super busy even though it was only about 2:30-3:00. (Only the beginning of lunch hour in Spain.) Because of where our seats were, by the door and in front of the wall with the stairs; we really got a good feel for how busy the place was- but we put all of the people and noisy stairs out of our mind and tucked into viewing the menu and ordering some yummy food.


Enjoying the experience!

We had read that their specialties were Roasted Sucking Pig and Roasted Leg of New Lamb. So that is what we ordered! We also had Melon and Ham. (BFF-D ordered Ham and Melon and the waiter could not “help himself” and corrected her by repeating “Melon and Ham?” HA! It was funny!) Accompanied by the delicious small pitcher of Sangria it was an amazing meal. (Expensive too!)

Ham and Melon- or was it Melon and Ham?

Ham and Melon- or was it Melon and Ham?

The roasted meat totally fell off the bone, it was super delicious and the flavors- freaking amazing. We enjoyed every tender morsel! We got smart by this time in the trip and even though bread was brought out to us (of course it was!) we skipped it to be sure we had room for the main course! Thank Goodness!

Roasted Leg of New Lamb

Roasted Leg of New Lamb

Even though they were so busy and people never stopped coming in, they never rushed us. They treated us like guests with reservations, and even offered us desert and coffee and seemed mildly offended that we were completely satisfied with what we had to eat already.

Roasted Suckling Pig

Roasted Suckling Pig

If you are ever in Madrid- I definitely recommend you make a reservation and get on over to the Oldest Restaurant in the World. Restaurante Sobrino de Botin

Have you ever been there? What was your experience? Have any other favorite Madrid restaurants people should check out?