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Packing Light (Sort of!)

Smaller is better! Finishing up the Happy and only bringing the smaller one now!

So as anyone will tell you- me most loudly- I am NOT the backpacker type. I need my comforts, I need a suitcase and a carry-on. I will be bringing make-up and a blow dryer, shoes and sneakers, etc. etc. etc. (This will be another blog post of its own!)

So when I was planning this trip- I knew it would be a challenge to keep my suitcase under 20-23Kg  (which is the max many of the smaller European airlines allow for checked luggage) and still have enough to keep me happily clothed and clean for the duration.

One of the biggest challenges was toiletries.


Starting out… And already a mess!

Not only was I (AM I) worried about not being able to use my favorite brands (organic shampoo and color treated conditioner, and Tom’s Fluoride-Free toothpaste!!) I know that full-sized bottles will add significant weight. So searched the web looking for hints and tips on packing- and the “best suggestions” seemed to be packing travel sized shampoo, conditioner etc.  OK- Well… Suck it up buttercup… you get to travel, so figure it out!

Hence- I started the trip with just a travel sized, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a smallish container of lotion. Then while i was on the cruise- I had the brilliant idea! Look!! FREE TRAVEL SIZED STUFF! So every few days I popped those cute little bottles into my bag!


Yay! Travel sized- just like the internet suggested! Go me!

THIS is what I thought was a good idea?

THIS is what I thought was a good idea?

So, now I have this gallon sized zip-lock bag- chock full of ‘travel-stuff’ and it occurs to me… this is JUST as heavy- if not heavier- than the full died bottles! DUH! Now what?

I need a new plan!

So, now I am in Europe, and I need to re-think the plan. Thank goodness BFF-D was with me and two heads are better than one. The original Plan B was just to bring one of each, toss the rest, and find new “stuff” along the way. Then when we were walking along the shopping areas in Spain, we wandered into LUSH. (LOVE the smell of that store, but have never actually purchased anything there.. until now!)

Breaking it down to smaller parts!

Breaking it down to smaller parts!

I discovered the ultimate in travel niceties… BARs of Shampoo and Conditioner and Toothpaste in a pill! Seriously! Each bar they tell me is about 180 uses. And the little tooth pills you only use half a pill at a time! I am so excited! In the trash go all those little travel items (actually I will probably leave them here in the apt I am renting in case other people might need them) and off I go on my travels with three little and light items! So excited! I even got a small pot of lip scrub just because!

From tube to pills!

From tube to pills!

From many to few!

From many to few!

The price wasn’t even that bad considering the value I was going to get out of them! I figure I can use them this next month, and if I am totally still in love with actually using them, when we get to Germany I am SURE I will be able to find a LUSH and get one more of each to make sure I have enough for the rest of the trip.

Not a bad price for the convenience value!

Not a bad price for the convenience value!


So excited! I have the a solution! 

OH I even found (at a different store) a smaller roller-ball tube of perfume! YAY! I knew once I finished this bottle of Happy I was out of perfume and would not replace that big glass bottle… so this was a great solution too!

Smaller is better! Finishing up the Happy and only bringing the smaller one now!

What is your favorite travel toiletries tip? What do you do for long trips?



  1. So how do you like the toothpaste pills? I’m intrigued by this! Do they work well??

    • La La-

      I like them so far. They taste a little weird, but foam up nice. I guess in the end only my dentist will know for sure though! LOL 🙂

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