Today my flight left at 11:15 Costa Rica time (plenty of time for some coffee in bed and last minute snuggles with my sweetie) and arrived in Panama around 1pm. But my next flight doesn’t leave until 9:30. So what’s a girl to do for over 8 hours??


NOT sit in the gate area. Smelly, hot, dirty, expensive food, spotty wifi… no Ma’am. Not this girl. I am happily sipping a glass of bubbly in the Copa Club airport lounge. <yay!>  A glass of champagne, and a granola bar to fortify me and I was able to put in about 6 hours of real work!


I LOVE this water bottle! I twists open just above that green cuff and I can add ice!

Get a bottle here!

Fresh, cold, water and some Netflix and I worked on the blog for a while too! If you want to, you could even take a nice shower and get all fresh. That is a great perk if you have just come in from a red-eye or long flight!!


So, all you have to do to enjoy the perks of sitting in a nice comfy chair and eating free snacks (or even real food- it really depends on the club/lounge) is walk in and ask for a day pass and pay the fee! Super bien! You can also find all kind of ways to get in for free- but for me- paying the fee is quick and easy! The fee here in Panama at the Copa Club is $53.50. (US dollars)

Check out this link to find other ways to access the club/lounge. 🙂 Get into the Club/Lounge for FREE.

Have you ever sat in the club/lounge for the day or during a long layover? Do you have any tips?

My time here is almost done! I’ll be heading to my next destination soon! Two hours to take off!