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So This is About FOOD!

Olives in Spain! OLE!

OK- so I admit it. After having made the journey from 325 lbs to 155 lbs and back up somewhere in the middle- I confess that food has become a very important part of my life!






I know how to create a balanced meal and that veggies are sooooooooo (enough o’s there?) my friends! I know how to enjoy food slowly, taste the different nuances, enjoy the journey of eating, the experience of it… everything.

Amazing Food Court Food

Amazing Food Court Food

And yet, even with all of that- It never occurred to me that this blog might have a “Foodie” Theme… but in this past week- as BFF-D and I have eaten our way through Lisbon- it has become pretty clear. FOOD will play a very big role in this blog!

So be prepared and forewarned. Know now, delicious images of food, yummy descriptions of amazing restaurants and more images of food are soon to follow!

Traditional Sardines!

Traditional Sardines!

One of the best ways to see these experiences “real-time” is to also check out the Facebook page- Digital La La and see some of the photos before I will have a chance to post about them here. (Who knows, I might even start to use Instagram and really make you all jealous!)

Pasteis de Belem

Pasteis de Belem

Until then and until the next update- enjoy the photos of food in Lisbon, Portugal! AMAZING!!!


Where is your favorite place to eat in the world??


  1. Julie

    My favorite food place is Japan – so many wonderful specialties and each restaurant tends to focus on their own narrow thing, and devote themselves to mastering that one dish/style. So much to explore!

    • La La-

      OOH! I think I will be in Japan at some point in this trip! You will have to tell me which food item is your favorite so I can try! 🙂

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